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Corporate Tennis League .

Men's Corporate Tennis League Format

Men’s event format has changed to just one doubles pair.
This will hopefully encourage more teams to enter as it will be easier to arrange matches due to needing one less player and also only one court to play the matches. The minimum players any team will need is 2 as apposed 3 for the mixed event.

Matches will be the best of 3 sets tie break sets.

Mixed Corporate Tennis League Format

The Mixed format will stay unchanged for 2021. Teams will consist of 2 men and 1 woman.

Matches will consist of:
– 1 Men’s singles
– 1 Ladies singles
– 1 Mixed
– 1 Men’s doubles

  • 1 male player will play only doubles (1 mixed and 1 men’s)
  • 1 male player will play 1 singles and 1 men’s doubles
  • The female player will play one singles and one mixed doubles.
  • All matches are 1 set tiebreak at 6-6
  • Should the match end up 2 rubbers each a tie break shoot out (first to 7) is to be played by the 2 male players that have not played singles.

The Rules & Regulations

  • Team captains must nominate three players per team (2 men and 1 woman).
  • Initial league structure will be seeded on the basis of lowest total of nominated players’ British Tennis Ratings. Eight seeded teams per event will receive a bye into the knockout rounds.
  • Nominated players will not be available to play for any other team in the competition. You can nominate the same players for the mixed and men’s event.
  • Players with a British Tennis Rating of 5.1 to 1.1 MUST be nominated into a team and will not be allowed to play in the finals, unless they have played at least one match before the finals.
  • Entry Fees are per team, per event
  • Home teams are responsible for court, ball and post-match refreshment costs.
  • Once the draw is made, team captains are responsible for arranging fixtures, a maximum of one match per month, on average from May to September.
  • The team on the top of the draw will be responsible for making contact